martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013

Evolution Webquest

A webquest on evolution

This is a webquest about evolution. You have to surf the net to find some answers, and show that you are crack in the new technologies (there is life after tuenti).

Activity one

Oh my God, there some words missing here. Please find them.

Biological evolution, simply put, is _______________ with modification. The central idea of biological evolution is that all life on Earth shares a common _______________, just as you and your cousins share a common grandmother.

Now, click on next: What do frogs and we have in common? We are vertebrate, we have a skeleton, and _______________

Activity two

 Let’s see a movie: Hi, do you know who I am?



Write a shot description of the video you have just seen:

Activity three

Now, we cross the Atlantic Ocean and we go to the UK. Look at this beautiful thing by the BBC: click here ) , and, yes, we have another picture of our dear friend Charlie.
What are the key points of the theory of evolution? Try to say it with your own words

1.      _______________________________________________________________
2.      ________________________________________________________________
3.      ________________________________________________________________
4.      ________________________________________________________________

Activity four

Just above these facts on natural selection, you can see a wonderful timeline made be the BBC: you have to complete the data related to the dates. What happened

4.6  billion years ago? __________________________________
3.5billion years ago __________________________________
1 billion years ago? __________________________________
500 million years ago? __________________________________
450 million years ago? __________________________________
390 million years ago? __________________________________
250 million years ago? __________________________________
220 million years ago?  __________________________________
200. million years ago? __________________________________
130 million years ago __________________________________
65 million years ago? __________________________________
45 million years ago? __________________________________
3 million years ago? __________________________________

Activity five

Find the answer to these questions in the Learning area of this website:

Activity six

So much for working so hard. Now we are going to play a little: click on these links:
And now take this easy quiz:

Activity 7

Complete these Hot potatoes

Follow up activity: we have stopped in the time line at moment of the apparition of the first hominid. Now it is up to you to create a time line with the highlights of Human Evolution. You must look up for your data, describe the facts with your words and add your pictures. It you don’t know how to do it, click here  and you will get wonderful ideas