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Hello (todos los niveles)

Esta página está pensada para que hagas cosas en inglés con el ordenador. Todo que vas a encontrar aquí es bueno y, sobre todo, gratis.
Para empezar, podemos ir a un estupendo método completo. Hay que registrarse, pero no dan la lata: Duolingo

Un imagen vale más con unas cuantas palabras, especialmente si las pones tú (todos los niveles)

Nice pictures are nicer if you write something on them: try PicLit

¿Te apetece ligar? Si eres una chica, pregunta por su hermano (A2, B1)

Now you can have a conversation with a very beautiful girl: she is perfect, she is nice she is..., see it yourself here

Una novela negra y tú eres el detective (un poco difícil) B1/B2

You are the detective: like all detectives, you drink, you are a bit filthy and nobody really understands you. But there is a dead body, and every murder is a mystery for you to solve: start here

Halloween game (todos los niveles)

This is a set of special games for Halloween,  to practice and learn words around the house and many other things. Play here,here and here

Eres un agente especial, un caso especialmente difícil (A2, B1)

You are an agent who has to investigate a dramatic chemical spill. Would you be able to face all the danger? Play here

Inglés para inteligentes: juego de corazón y cabeza (todos los niveles)

The story of a boy, the story of a girl, the story of both: One and One Story, a game about love, pain and life. Play here

Dibuja un monigote y verás qué pasa (Fácil)

Be creative: it is your own adventure. Click here

¿Te gustan los tests de inteligencia?

You can see how brainy you are by doing different exercises to test different capacities of your brain: click here 

Algo raro ha pasado en esa fiesta y muchos jóvenes han acabado en un hospital (intermedio)

You are the detective who is going to investigate this case: start here


Many games to learn English and many other things: Just click here
Este es un test que no superan los idiotas. Seguro que tú sí.
Are you an idiot? I am sure you aren't. You can try, then, this IDIOT test 

Would you like to play with Zombies? Clic here

Fancy a pirate game?

You can play a pirate game and save your girl, click here

Are you a good guesser?

No te preocupes ya te digo yo lo que significa: ¿Eres bueno para adivinar?
Then, you should meet someone much better than you: click to meet

Did you like Akinator?

Akinator te adivina personas, este juego te adivina cosas, animales, etc. Play here

Do you hate bullies as much as I do? Enfréntate al matón

Then, you are an awesome upstander. Play here

Recycle game

See if you know how to keep your city clean and recycle properly. Click here

Are you a pro? Este juego te pone a prueba

Then, this is a challenge you can't miss: click here

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